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Companions! Aside from some very wet and rainy days, I hope all of you are preparing for a relaxing Summer!

First off, I wanted to thank EVERYONE who came out to our Joint Stated Convocation with Warren Chapter No. 5! We raised over $1000 for the Grand Chapter's charities, and had an AMAZING presentation by RWB and Ex. Companion Robert Johnson. It was truly thought provoking and I hope everyone enjoyed!

Please follow up with the guests you brought who are not Royal Arch Masons, and encourage them to come back to learn more about the wonderful journey that is the Royal Arch.

The District has quite a few candidates progressing through the degrees, so please come out and support the Chapters as we welcome a large number of new Royal Arch Companions.

Stay tuned for some exciting news on another possible Joint Venture with our friends from Warren No. 5. See you all around the District!

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