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Happy 2548 A.I. Companions!!

Happy New Year, Companions! 2017 (or 2547 A.I.) was a fantastic year for the Chapter, with excellent participation, growth, and good times had all around! I wanted to take a second to wish each and every one of you, and your loved ones, and very Happy and Healthy 2018, or if we are using the Royal Arch Calendar, 2548 A.I.

Worshipful Brother Chris Hodapp, in his fantastic blog, highlights the meaning behind the year 2548 A.I. (or Anno Inventionis) which means "Year of Discovery." This calendar marks the commemoration of the second temple by Zerubbabel in the year 530 BCE, after the Babylonian Captivity. You can find the rest of this blog post, as well as information on the myriad of other Masonic calendars here!

2018 is shaping up to be a fantastic year so far! For our January Stated Convocation, our Chapter will be hosting the Royal Arch degree for numerous candidates across the District. In Feb, we will welcome our District Deputy Grand High Priest, Rt. Ex. Martin Juul, for his official visit. March through May will have some guest speakers during our Stated meetings, details coming soon! January's Bulletin is ready for your perusal, and can be found here!

So whichever calendar you prefer, Happy New Year to you and yours, and I cant want to see you in Chapter this year!


Ex. Joe

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