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A Brief Hello and Goodbye, Companions!

September has arrived! The time for a new Capitular Year is around the corner, and I hope that everyone at Manassas Chapter, as well as our dear friends around the District had a fantastic Year in Royal Arch. There were some highs and lows to be sure, but all in all, I think that that is was a fullfilling and amazing Anno Inventionis 2548. I think our most prevalent "low" was the passing of Most Excellent Doug Jordan. Everyone is Royal Arch Masonry shares my sentiments in saying that he is truly missed, and was such an integral part of our Lives, and the Craft in general. Godspeed, our most Dear and most Excellent Brother. Our "highs" have got to be the fellowship and education that we shared as a District this year. Guest Speakers like Tom and Peggy Misciagna at our Alzheimer's Fundraiser and Table Chapter, and my personal favorite, Rt. Wor. and Ex. Companion Robert Johnson from the Whence Came You Masonic Podcast. The money we raised and the fellowship we shared are some of my most memorable and cherished times that we shared as Royal Arch Masons. September 13, 2018 - Stated Convocation and Installation of the 2019 Officers. Come on down to Manasseh Lodge on September 13, to welcome our incoming High Priest, Companion Doyle Meadows, and his Officers for the Upcoming Capitular Year. Dinner will, as always, be served by the magnificent Ladies of Manassas Assembly #13, International Order of Rainbow for Girls. There will also be presentations and, as is most fitting for an occasion such as this...NY CHEESECAKE. Companions, I cannot accurately put into words how much fun I had serving as High Priest this year. Thank you all so much for the trust and confidence you placed in me, and I hope that we all laughed and learned a bit more this year. Was truly an honor and a humbling experience to serve you, and I wish you all happiness and a desire that you all continue to grow and learn, and espouse the tenets of Royal Arch Masonry that we love so dearly.

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