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Spring is here!

Finally, it looks like the dreary and dull clouds of Winter are finally parting, and Spring is starting to make its way to the area! Companions, I hope you all enjoyed the long and chilly Winter season, but Spring has arrived and there is work to be done!

Degrees are being scheduled for some new soon-to-be Companions in the District. More details will follow on Facebook and our Email list. It is always a pleasure to conduct degrees and bring more Brethren into the fold, teaching them the beauties and mysteries of the Royal Arch.

I am guest speaking this month at another Chapter, details to follow! A few days later, we will be listening to the presentation named "The Symbolism of the High Priest of Israel" and its relation to many of the symbols and mysteries contained with the Royal Arch system. I look forward to seeing you all again soon as we grow in Companionship and Knowledge!

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