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Spring is almost here. This Winter has plagued our area with yucky weather and flu-ridden Companions. Our February meeting, which happened to be the same day as the official visit of our District Deputy, suddenly and without warning was in jeopardy of not having enough members. Hour by hour that day, people were cancelling due to illness; the flu had rampaged the Manassas area that day.

I put out a call to all Royal Arch Masons in the area to come and help out. Knowing that we needed a certain amount of members to have a meeting, I was nervous and losing hope. The hour for our meeting was quickly approaching. The Dinner hour (before the meeting) arrived and I had three people in the dining hall. Things were not looking good.

I went into the meeting room to finish setting up, absolutely convinced that this meeting was going to be cancelled. When I returned to the dining hall, I nearly fainted.

There were 15 more people in the dining hall, getting served dinner and sitting around. Companions that I haven't seen in a long time, and Companions from different Chapters arrived and filled the gaps.

Words cannot express how grateful I was that people showed up, especially people who never came to visit before. I was humbled at the support, truly humbled, and it turned out to be one of the best meetings we had all year!! It was a very salient example of how Companionship works!! Thank you all!!

PS - Here's the link to March's Bulletin! Enjoy!!

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